Advanced Embedded Digital image and Speech Processing

Advanced Embedded Digital Image and Speech Processing Course
In today’s world Every data we deal with whether it is received by a mobile, sent by a satellite, Received by TV, captured by a camera, sensed by a sensor, scanned by a medical device every data is in digital form. Every embedded device need to process the data digitally, and understanding the digital signal processing makes it simpler to design a robust and reliable embedded system.
In This Advanced Embedded Digital Image and Speech Processing course students will learn all necessary concepts starting from understanding signals, converting them to digital and processing them on hardware platform.


Advanced Embedded digital image and Speech processing course Modules

Module 1: Introduction to Signals and Systems
Signals, Systems, types of systems, generating signals, DSP   Mathematics

Module 2: Matlab for Signal Processing
Matrices in Matlab, Signal representation in matlab, 2d plots, 3d plots,signal processing toolbox.

Module 3: Digital Signal Processing
Convolution, Correlation, FFT, IFFT, Sampling, Quantization,Digital filter design, Filter Implementation, Noise cancellation, Lab experiments  with Matlab

Module 4: Digital Image Processing
Understanding human eye, color space,Morphological   operation, Image    filtering,Image enhancement, Image segmentation, ROI, Image transform, Motion    estimation, Live image processing with camera interface, Matlab implementation    of concepts. 2 Projects on Image Processing.

Module 5: Digital Speech Processing
Introduction to speech processing, Human vocal system, Acoustic Phonetics,Speech Perception, Short-Time Fourier       Transform for speech analysis, Homomorphic Speech Analysis,Linear Predictive Analysis, Speech Recognition,    Speaker Recognition, All Lab Experiments  with matlab and A Project on Speech

Module 6: Processor for Digital signal processing
Embedded C, Digital signal processor Architecture, Interrupts, Memory  Maping,CCS,Interfacing DSP with matlab, Code optimization,Implementation of DSP concepts on DSP processor 1 Project on DSP Hardware ARM based Microprocessor and architecture, Implementation of DSP concepts on ARM Microprocessor using MATLAB. 1 Project on ARM Hardware