Advanced RealTime Embedded System design

Abeyaantrix softlab offering industry catered Advanced Real-time Embedded system design course to graduate and postgraduate students. Aimed at full filling the Embedded industry requirement and this course is very versatile and effectively designed by the Embedded industry experts.
The Advanced Real-time Embedded system design course has 7 Modules, structured in-order to learn complete life cycle of Embedded system design and development. Entire course will run through a learn by doing approach where in students have 75 % hands on session and 25 % theory classes.


Mock Tests
Assignments, Assignment Evaluation
Projects (minimum 8)
Placement Tests
Soft skills
Interview Preparation

Advanced Real time Embedded system course has following Modules

Module 1Beginning Embedded Engineering
Embedded System Design Concepts, Analog and Digital Electronics

Module 2Writing Embedded Programs
C Programming, Advanced C programming, Embedded C

Module 3: Embedding Software into Hardware
Micro-controller Architecture ARM and AVR MCU Architecture, Interrupts,Timers,PWM,PLL,ADC, DAC,UART,I2C, SPI,USB.

Module 4: Develop complete Embedded system
Design and develop minimum 4 Embedded projects from above concepts learnt.

Module 5: Building Real-time Embedded system
Convert the system to work with real-time constraints by learning RTOS concepts
Scheduling, Multitasking,Porting RTOS into hardware.

Module 6: Making system more Advanced
Give more options to your embedded system by Learning and embedding
Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and CAN Protocols,Image Processing with MAT-LAB and Simulink, Interfacing Hardware to Mat-lab, Mat-lab GUI Design,Learning Verification and   validation of hardware.

Module 7: Software Engineer
Linux Internals,Code Optimization, Learning complete project Life cycle,Project     Documentation,  Professional Level 4 More Projects to meet industry requirements.
Soft Skill Training and Interview Preparation.